Sunday, August 28, 2011

My First Post

OMGosh, I can't believe I finally did it!! I have thought about blogging for a long time now and today, I finally took the plunge.

Now please don't have any great expectations - I am who I am.  The best way to describe me is: shy (until I get to know you), sensitive, a recovering anxiety freak, and learning about life along the way.  I'm a country girl, who dreams of making my 5 little acres into a functional, efficient, little homestead for my family. Although, the only animals I currently raise are my four dogs! I have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful, hardworking husband, whom I have been married to for over 15yrs.

My official title is "Research Analyst in the field of child development and human relations" or "Mama" for short.  I am also a church administrator (I was promoted from the entry level position of  "Preacher's Kid") and currently a Bible college student.

Thank you so much for visitin' my blog!  I'll share more soon!!!

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