Monday, March 25, 2013

Joyfully Busy

Wow, I am all of a sudden a force to be reckon with, let me tell you!

Don't know if it is the Kale/Spinach/fruit smoothies I have been drinking, the fact that I am consistently working out 3 days a week, the fact that I am sleeping better due to getting a newer mattress from some friends of ours, or the fact that last week I had an incredible day where I experienced pure joy and have been continuing to experience it ever since - or maybe all the above!

Not sure what it is but I am going to go with it - this weekend I finally cleaned out the rat infested shed.  My dad came over and helped me take two loads to the dump. That really got the ball rolling and I ended up spending a good portion of Saturday cleaning out the rest.

Now I have to tell you that the shed has bothered me for over a year.  I have a rodent phobia of sorts, I pretty much get hysterical at the sight of any kind of rodent - mice, rats, gerbils, ferrets etc. etc.

Luckily, I never saw any just their damage to numerous boxes  and all the remnants that they thought of the shed as their castle. I must have shoveled a bag full of their little leftovers - yes the shed was full of rat dooty!  But I got it done, mostly because I was fed up.

I have also cleaned out the garage and  am planning out my garden, which I will be starting in the next few weeks.

Usually, when I look at my list of To-Do's I instantly get overwhelmed. This week however, I look at this list and think - I can do and I can do it well. One job at a time, one day at a time. Done.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Commitments update

Here is an update on the commitments that I made back in January.

Health wise - I am working hard, the girls and I have been doing devotions together 3 days a week, followed by working out together.  We have kept this up for 5 weeks and we are starting to notice positive changes in both the things we discuss during the devotion time as well as in our bodies and energy.  Little sister doesn't do much more than jump around while big sis and I are working out!  We are doing a combination of weights and toning exercises. Three days a week was a good beginning - doable but not overwhelming which would just lead to failure.

I am also NOT weighing myself anymore - I have decided to go by how I feel vs. those little red numbers that just defeat me even when I am feeling good.

Love wise - I think I am gaining ground on being able to overlook negative stuff and just love others for who they are, God's Children.

Wife/Mother - I am enjoying my daily life as mom and wife very much, I am going easy on myself as far as pressure to be all that I can be in every area and concentrating on being all that I can be as mom/wife. I look at my girls and just get this overwhelming feeling to cherish every moment with them, they are growing up so fast. 

Overall, I think things are going well so far on these commitments that I made to myself. 

Luv ya

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Yeah, it is day one of spring cleaning!  Apparently, I am the only one excited in my house too.  I have decided that since the girls and I are home for the next 3 days (which is a rare feat these days) we are going to spend some time cleaning out clothes, books, and whatever else I can come up with. 

I also realized that this is a good time to do some spring cleaning on myself also - no I am not talking about doing "that" kind of cleaning (although a good detox probably wouldn't hurt).  I  have been thinking a lot about the things that get me down, put me in a bad mood, and I realize that I can control my thoughts and that I need to stop worrying, dreading, getting frustrated over other people or jobs that need to be done. And turn it all back to God, who can help me turn it to joy.  I need more joy in my life, even over the little things.  I desperately want to wake up each morning with a sense of - I can deal with whatever life brings me today because I have Him to deal with it along side me and I can do this with joy in my heart.

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Manage Your Emotions & Expectations

I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned these last few months is how to manage my emotions and expectations when dealing with people.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where some one's word doesn't always equal commitment.  And in a dog eat dog world many are growing up with the attitude of me and mine first and others are not a priority.

Working in ministry these days means that more and more I am dealing with people NOT following through on their commitments.  I was getting really down a few months back, it seemed like I had gotten to point where I expected to be let down or I expected people to not follow through on their commitments. I realized then that this was affecting my relationships with others and was conflicting with the command to love others. I went to the Lord with this issue and here is what He has been telling me:

Love them no matter what, manage your expectations, I give you hope so have hope that I am working  in their lives - but don't lock them into your expectations.  Manage your emotions to reflect love for others, and do what needs to be done with JOY in your heart.

In my "line of work" and anyone else who is in a "ministry" type of atmosphere,what we  need to understand is that we are dealing with the root of people.  In some jobs you deal with people and their skills - accounting, medical, people skills, organizational etc.  Character issues come out but it isn't always the area that you need to deal with.  In ministry it is the main focus - we are dealing with the spirit and soul of people and that is why I believe so many ministries are struggling these days.  Even as Christians we screw up and need forgiveness and even as Christians our pride and controlling spirits get in the way.

I can't stop loving someone every time they let me down, however, I can always have a back-up plan.  I will get frustrated and there may be times when I or someone else needs to confront others regarding these issues. I may also have to stand ground and not allow someone who isn't trustworthy to make a commitment that will most likely end in not following through, which can be hard.  Many make decisions based on emotions but when the time comes to follow through, they are no longer in that emotional state and that is when the priority of following through gets pushed down. I have had to stop asking certain people to help because even though they mean well, it isn't gonna happen. 

This is a Spiritual warfare fight in the lives of many, so most importantly I need to pray and love - no matter what.  I have hope in the Lord and I trust the Lord.