Monday, March 18, 2013

Commitments update

Here is an update on the commitments that I made back in January.

Health wise - I am working hard, the girls and I have been doing devotions together 3 days a week, followed by working out together.  We have kept this up for 5 weeks and we are starting to notice positive changes in both the things we discuss during the devotion time as well as in our bodies and energy.  Little sister doesn't do much more than jump around while big sis and I are working out!  We are doing a combination of weights and toning exercises. Three days a week was a good beginning - doable but not overwhelming which would just lead to failure.

I am also NOT weighing myself anymore - I have decided to go by how I feel vs. those little red numbers that just defeat me even when I am feeling good.

Love wise - I think I am gaining ground on being able to overlook negative stuff and just love others for who they are, God's Children.

Wife/Mother - I am enjoying my daily life as mom and wife very much, I am going easy on myself as far as pressure to be all that I can be in every area and concentrating on being all that I can be as mom/wife. I look at my girls and just get this overwhelming feeling to cherish every moment with them, they are growing up so fast. 

Overall, I think things are going well so far on these commitments that I made to myself. 

Luv ya

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