Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I want to cry!

Why? You ask. Well, let me tell you!  I have 2 very good friends that happen to be married to each other and after a very long time of me waiting patiently, they are finally having a baby.  We are having the baby shower at my house this Saturday!!!  Yeah, I can't wait.  My friend's sister and I have been planning it for months now and I am so excited.

I have also been desperately cleaning my house - remember post concerning acceptance and how I feel like I am always behind.  Yes, I'm trying to get the house in shape to have this baby shower that celebrates the fact that I no longer have to wait patiently for my dear friends to have their baby (the one I have been patiently waiting for).  So my house is probably the cleanest it has been since the one day after my parents moved out and the day before we moved in. I'll explain that in another post soon.

My laundry room floor is the least muddiest it has been for months,
and look no toys in the living room!

So why do I want to cry? At 4am this morning, my hubby and I were awakened by a ruckus outside - meet the reasons for this ruckus:

Yes, my  4 legged children - and what was said ruckus at 4am.  These precious creatures that God so lovingly bestowed upon our household had in fact discovered a black and white animal of the skunk nature and had decided to chase said animal of the skunk nature and get sprayed!  Then they preceded to run past me (who was running outside in my pj's with my trusty flashlight) and they ran into my house and into my bedroom.  Now I want to cry!!  My house- the very one that has never been cleaner now smells like skunk as do my dogs.  So at 7am this morning my daughter and I were catching these skunk smelled dogs and washing them out front in the plastic pool.  I am now in the process of re-shampooing my carpets, mopping the floors, and airing out the entire house so that by Saturday when we have dozens of people over to celebrate the baby that I have waited so patiently for - my house will not stink!  I know, you now want to cry too, don't you?

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  1. Lisa, that recipe I gave you works good as a deodorizer also. Just be careful near furniture, etc. But, I sprayed it on my carpet and in the air in the White Mountains to get the smell out of the house. The skunks were under the trailer and the smell came up through the vents, plus it was on the dog also. It's such a heavy oil that they spray, that the spray helps break up that oil and the smell. Give it a try. You poor thing!! Candles?