Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have tomatoes, you might think that is a strange statement to make.  Let me tell you about my garden, last year I got the urge to see if I could start a garden.  I picked the perfect spot in the yard and decided to plant pumpkins - why pumpkins, I have no idea, I just liked the thought of planting pumpkins.  So I did - what a mistake! Granted I did get 3 good sized pumpkins out of my little plot of a pumpkin patch, but I didn't realize how much space pumpkins needed.  I spent a good portion of my fall months trying to keep pumpkin vines from completely covering my drive way and from growing into my garage.

I was not to be deterred however, so this year I decided to do smaller crops - I tried lettuce, peas, various herbs, strawberries - nothing, absolutely nothing.  Then my dear friend brought me 4 tomato plants, 2 died within weeks of planting them.  But the other 2 held on for dear life in the AZ winds and beginning of summer.  I didn't have much hope and had pretty much decided that my life as a prudent homemaker who grew her own veggies to feed her family was pretty much over.  But every morning I would check on my garden and those two little plants would still be green.  Then monsoons started and OH MY GOSH those little tomato plants exploded with life, in 2 months I now have about 20 tomatoes growing on them and this morning my girls and I saw RED. 

Yes! I have tomatoes and they are actually turning red! Success, sweet success.  I was so giddy this morning that I took pictures with my un-smart phone and texted them to my husband, brother, sister & friend!  I took the prettiest one to my friend who gave me the plants to begin with.  My 5yr old carried it around like it was a trophy, while my 12yr old followed her worried that she would drop it.  It made my day - I actually grew something that my family can eat - not that we will now be self-reliant or anything, my kids don't actually like tomatoes unless they are in spaghetti sauce.  But who cares, I did it (with God's help of course - He supplied the plants, rain, sunshine and dirt) woohooo, salsa anyone!!!!

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