I am a Mom

I am a Mom!! I have two beautiful daughters - and one of the most important things that I have learned is that they are UNIQUE.  I have come to understand that all children are unique and to try and teach, classify, mold, transform them into what is considered "normal" is impossible to do.  I feel that because of trying to to do this we have very frustrated generations trying to cope in society and trying themselves to raise children within the confines of a "Normal" mold.

All children are unique, they learn uniquely, they cope uniquely and it is up to the parents, grandparents etc. to figure out how to raise these beautiful, blessings that God has lovingly given us.

My oldest is considered "special needs" she processes information differently than other children and her body moves a little bit differently than other children.  She has an incredible mind and dreams big.  Sometimes her uniqueness holds her back in some areas, like sports.  I home school because she would be put in special classes in public school because she learns differently than the rest of the children.  I want to give her every opportunity that is available to her despite her differences when compared to other children.

My youngest is special also.  Not in any kind of medical capacity but in her personality of being strong willed, extremely smart, and quite determined.  Like all kids, God has big plans for her, her daddy and I have a big responsibility. 

The joys of raising these two girls is one of the reasons why I started this blog - boy do I have stories to tell!