Saturday, October 20, 2012

Power of Prayer

I'm back, at least for today.  I haven't had much to say and I realized that nothing bugs me more than when people say things just to say things without really needing to say things. Does that make sense?

Well, I haven't had much to say but I have had a lot to think about, but I realized that it is very hard for me to write those thoughts down.

I have been trying to figure out what it is that God wants me doing right now in regards to the calling that He has put on my life.  I know that I am supposed to be focusing on my family and job and so forth but I also know that there is something I am supposed to be doing. 

It finally came to me last week - prayer.  My prayer life has always been a little lacking, I believe in it, I have experienced it's power.  Yet, it doesn't seem to be my go to "thing" and I hate doing it out loud.  God is subtly reminding me that I need to make it my go to "Thing" and that I need not be concerned with praying aloud.

There is so much in life that we can do nothing about on our own - so pray.  This is what I am finally understanding.  Also, I realize that I can't move any further into my calling until I get this one activity down.  It will be my lifeline, my safety net, my source of wisdom, peace and joy.  Why would I want to go any further without it?

I have been reading books on it and reading scriptures on it and it all makes sense to me.  He has always showed me what HE wants for me and He has always said that it has to be in HIS time and HIS way. AMEN!