Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Four Legged Children

I finally figured out pictures (it wasn't really hard, I was just intimidated).

These are my doggie children, we are absolutely dog people.  We have four, and that is currently the limit because I made the rule in a moment of clarity that animals cannot out number the people in our family.  That was probably the most sensible decision I have made in a long time.  So without further ado please meet:
Tyler -  Jack Russell mix
Maggie Mae - Lab mix
Maxwell - Boxer mix
Tilly - Bull Mastiff

All but Tilly are rescues, Tilly is from dear friends whom we just fell in love with their dog - Tilly's mama and when she had puppies, I fell in love with Tilly!

Tyler is actually mine, Tilly is my husband's, Max is my 12yr old's & Maggie Mae belongs to the 5yr old.  Our friends crack up at our cozy little household.  These dogs are all unique also and how I ended up being mama to 4 dogs all with special needs is beyond me. Tyler is neurotic: scared to death of thunderstorms, wind, loud trucks and shiny water dishes.  Max is OCD: he has a major licker problem.  Maggie is ADHD she gets so hyper that she runs through the house and slides across the flooring, she jumps on people and if she wanted too she could jump right over our fence, I've been trying to talk my husband into entering her into dog racing - she is fast! Then there is sweet Tilly who is incontinent these days, she has the sweetest personality but because of her size (97lbs @ last check-up) she has spay incontinence.  Luckily she stays on the floor instead of the carpet and she is being treated for it so it is getting better.

We laugh at their personalities and how they interact with each other and all of us.  They know the rules and we are working hard at training them.  Otherwise my house would be in total chaos.

So now you have met the animal side of our family and when I blog about their crazy antics you will know who they are!

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