Monday, December 5, 2011


I am very much in the Christmas cheer mode right now.  I am realizing that all these steps that I have been taking - stepping back, seeking wisdom, taking time to be with the Lord, prioritizing my life, all these things are helping me to have an attitude of peace in my life.

Last year, I seriously dreaded this month.  But I realize now that it was because I was so focused on the negative stuff in my life - what we couldn't afford, what I wasn't getting done, who was irritating me the most :) etcetera etcetera.

I am definitely in a better place emotionally this year and I can be totally honest with you when I say - not much has changed since last year other than my attitude.  We are in the same place financially, same busyness (just a little bit different in tasks), and yes, some people still do irritate me :) etcetera etcetera.

But my attitude is a positive one - instead of focusing on what we can't afford, I am seeing what we can do; instead of being overwhelmed and frustrated, I am prioritizing and deciding what really needs to get accomplished (don't count on any Christmas cards going out!); instead of being irritated with others, the Lord is really giving me the spirit of love in my heart and reminding me that we are all God's children and need to treat each other that way, even if someone isn't treating me the way I want to be treated, I need to treat them the way God wants me to treat them.

It really makes a difference when we make these changes in our attitudes and refocus on what this season is really about.  Merry Christmas

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