Monday, January 14, 2013

Commitments Update

I'm here! See, so that is one commitment that has made it past the first week.  I think I did pretty well last week, I actually had 3 days of being home and so I made the best of it.  I organized all my recipes and put them into a binder under different categories.  I also pulled out my cookbooks and put them on a shelf in my island.  This way I am more likely to look at them and actually use them for menu planning.  I also got some books for my Nook on freezer meals and breakfasts recipes.  Today at some point after school work, I am going to sit down and figure out a meal plan for my grocery shopping on Thursday.

I was very good at church yesterday, despite the fact that I run around the whole time and half of my Sunday School class didn't make it and the person who signed up for nursery cancelled that morning, the water in the kitchen area was frozen due to the 17 degree weather in Southern Arizona - I had love in my heart for everyone, and tried really hard not to get stressed.

So, I think I am off to a good start, hopefully at some point today I will do my Bible study and sit on the exercise bike and actually pedal (I have come to realize that just sitting there is not going to make my tummy smaller - boohoo).

I really feel like I am on the right track for this year and that now I have decided this is what I want to do and acknowledge that I can't do it alone, God and I will make a good team.  I also realize that it isn't about accomplishing these things it is about the attitude behind them- Why do I want to make these changes and knowing the whys will help me succeed in them. 

Have a good week!

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