Monday, January 12, 2015

When we are too busy...

When we are too busy....

Sometimes God will allow us to stumble so that we have to look up!

This is exactly what happened to me January 2nd.  I was bound and determined to get the Christmas decorations put back out into the garage despite the fact that we had had a winter storm come through southern Arizona.  It was about 29 degrees outside which of course means that there was a good chance that there would be ice - somewhere.

As I was going through my kitchen door onto the porch, I discovered exactly where the ice was.  Under my foot - sure enough, the next thing I know, I am hearing sickening pop and while landing on my rear I see stars and can't breathe. I hear my husband yell to me as he is rushing to my side but I couldn't answer him. They (he and my eldest daughter) pick me up, luckily both are bigger than me.

I don't even want to look - I get to the couch and immediately put my foot up and they get me ice and all I can think about it "please don't be broken".  Luckily it isn't, just a very bad sprain, but it has forced me to be on the couch.

It is very painful but I have to say that even more than that is the frustration of having to rely on others to help me.  That isn't me - I am a doer. I am the one who does for others, I am the one who takes care of all those little details. I am the one who comes through and shows up and gets it done.

Needless to say that I have had to be brought to tears and instead of looking at all the things I am not getting done, I am having to look up.  Look up and say "Lord, I need Your help to let this all go."  "Lord, I hate this but I am going to learn something from it."  "Lord, give me peace and patience."

I also was greatly blessed by my family who jumped in to take care of me and my girls even laid hands on me and prayed for me (that was awesome).  I still have a lot to do but I know that none of it is going to get done without me looking up first. God is good all the time.

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